Arlene Dyer

Executive Director


Arlene Dyer, MSEd, has always had a love for children, learning, teaching, and the Lord Jesus Christ. She welcomed the opportunity to join her love for children and the Gospel of Christ by joining the Born Again Disciples (B.A.D.) team as their Program Director in 2017.  In August 2018 she became the Executive Director of the Hudson Valley Community Center and the Born Again Disciples Program.

Arlene has been a staple in the education of young children throughout the Hudson Valley.  She has worked in numerous integrated classrooms, self-contained special education classrooms, and done private consultation and instruction. She has also volunteered countless hours with a local youth non-profit honing her ability to connect with a diverse group of young people as well as her management skills.


In 2011 Arlene became an ordained reverend and member of the International Ministerial Fellowship and committed her life publically to sharing the Gospel of Christ and loving others with God’s love.